Our Story

2016 was a turning point to our parent brand’s mission. We realised that spreadsheets and numbers don’t tell the whole story and most companies are lacking the “social character”  in their Brand’s Identity. With our evolved brand name (Morison Advisory), we took the bold decision to set aside companies and numbers. We shifted our focus to what really creates and delivers value: PEOPLE.

By ‘putting people first, numbers second’ as our founding principle, not only are we experiencing better results, we are proudly building long-lasting relationships that, together, #BuildBetterBusinesses.

Problem Solvers

By thinking, focusing and synthesizing the information and knowledge we achive solutions.

Forward Thinking

As a team we work in a manner that takes future in account with innovation, creativity and development.

A Digital Agency

We engage the specific target market with the help of latest technology and tools.

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